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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub
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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub Launch Event 2021

By combining a high-level opening, panel discussions, and interactive workshops with experts and city representatives, the launch will bring together EU, national and regional authorities to discuss the future landscape of energy poverty policy in the EU.  

Registration to the event will be open very soon.

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A socially fair transition towards a climate-neutral Union by 2050 is central to the European Green Deal. It means, among other things, tackling inequality and energy poverty through climate action. The Commission has long supported that municipalities need to be at the forefront when it comes to leading the just transition with targeted action and example. As the EU’s leading initiative on local action against energy poverty, the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) will be the go-to place for local authorities and practitioners pursuing a variety of solutions to reduce energy poverty. Direct support and a variety of online tools will be made available, based on research results and collected experience on the ground. The Hub is about optimising an action-based approach, adjusted to the diverse needs of municipalities across Europe.

Energy Poverty Advisory Hub Launch Event 2021 will raise awareness on how EU policies and the newly launched EPAH initiative are stepping up energy poverty alleviation efforts, particularly as commitments for a just transition have been boosted by the Fit for 55 Package.