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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub
News article11 July 2022Directorate-General for Energy1 min read

Discover our new publication: Introduction to a guide to understanding and addressing energy poverty

The introduction of the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) Handbooks, “A Guide to Understanding and Addressing Energy Poverty’’ starts the series of practical guidebooks for local governments and practitioners to tackle energy poverty with a comprehensive and locally adapted approach

This introduction gives you the common background to grasp the complexity of this multifaceted challenge for local practitioners, in order to explore more details and practical information in the 3 next thematic handbooks.

This introductory handbook provides an insightful presentation of the concept of energy poverty, with a close look on its main causes and vulnerability factors that can lead households or individuals into energy poverty. It also provides an introduction to the circular methodology of energy poverty, structured in three phases that is diagnosis, planning, implementation to plan targeted actions at the local level. Each handbook will focus on one of the three main phases and provide additional practical information and concrete tools to apply.

The experiences and data that design the handbooks make it possible to constitute these clear, practical and exemplified guides. These handbooks are meant to provide you with a framework and a checklist that you can use to tailor solutions and develop specific methodology to your local context.

Discover it.


Publication date
11 July 2022
Directorate-General for Energy