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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub
News article22 November 2021Directorate-General for Energy1 min read

EPAH ATLAS and report on inspiring cases on energy poverty mitigation actions launched

Awareness about energy poverty is growing across Europe. Different European cities, villages and towns already started to address energy poverty by adopting a local approach that fits the needs of their communities. In this light, The Energy Poverty Advisory Hub has collected more than 200 inspirational cases during a research period that took place in 2021 aiming to inspire practitioners to tackle energy poverty at the local level. The newly launched online EPAH ATLAS and the report "Tackling energy poverty through local actions ‒ Inspiring cases from across Europe" provide access to all to a selection of inspirational cases on energy poverty mitigation actions.

The report displays a series of 24 cases that include national, local and international projects as well as measures. Their variety is broad and no two municipalities handle energy poverty in exactly the same way. However, we hope you will be able to find some matching challenges in your daily work and be able to add further actions to alleviate energy poverty.The examples are chosen to cover as many situations as possible both in regard to topic and geography and aim to inspire readers to further consult additional examples on the EPAH Atlas.




The EPAH ATLAS is an online interactive database that allows visitors to discover local and international projects as well as measures addressing energy poverty across the world. Visitors can explore the interactive map, view a list of all projects and read more information about any case. A list of quick and advanced filters allows visitors to browse through the cases in an easy and effective way.

Is your project not yet part of the EPAH ATLAS? Visit the page, download the submission form, fill in all the relevant information and send it to infoatenergypoverty [dot] eu.  Your project will be added to the EPAH ATLAS.


Publication date
22 November 2021
Directorate-General for Energy