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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub
Strategic plan

Programme to reduce energy poverty in the Czech Republic


Publication date
17 April 2018
Directorate-General for Energy
Czechia, United Kingdom


In recent years, household expenditures on energy consumption have significantly increased. Consequently, the number of households that cannot afford to keep their homes adequately warm in winter or adequately cool in summer has increased as well. Such households are affected by energy poverty.

The main goal of the paper is to examine existing approaches to energy poverty including energy poverty indicators and to compare systems of support for energy-poor households in the Czech Republic and in the United Kingdom. Another goal is to describe the most endangered types of households needing government support and to draft possible measures and programme to minimise the impact of energy poverty. The energy poor households that need government support were detected based on aggregated statistics of Housing Budget Survey and a comparison of the current situation. According to the introduced model, the number of households under energy poverty is 16% in the Czech Republic.

Existing support programmes were examined to determine their potential use. The main conclusion of the paper involves appropriate next steps and future programmes designed to reduce energy poverty in the Czech Republic.

Authors: Jiří Karásek Jan Pojar.


17 APRIL 2018