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Scientific paper

Residential Heating under Energy Poverty Conditions: A Field Study


Publication date
22 April 2017
Directorate-General for Energy


Investigation of energy poverty and its effect in Central Makedonia, in northern Greece, where the climate is harsher and heating requirements significantly higher than in the other parts of the country. A questionnaire aiming to assess energy poverty in low-income urban areas was used. The questionnaire followed the example of a number of different studies that have dealt with the energy consumption of households and its correlation with various socio-economic parameters for various countries worldwide. In these studies, the main parameters that were considered were the average household size, their income and the thermal characteristics of the building. A sample was collected after interviewing residents in order to assess the impact on the quality of life, energy consumption and heath of urban residents. The paper hence describes this situation and presents the research results that shows a disability to satisfy socially and materially the required levels of energy services.

Authors: Boemi, S., Panaras, G., Papadopoulos, A.


22 APRIL 2017
Residential Heating under Energy Poverty Conditions: A Field Study