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Practices and policies toolkit

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Our practices and policies toolkit highlights a variety of practices that can inspire you to address energy poverty by access research publications and by getting to know more about policies and like-minded organisations active against energy poverty.

Below, you can access a database of policies, publications, and organisations working on energy poverty from across Europe.

Do you also work on energy poverty and want to submit one of the above in our database?

You can send it to our helpdesk at: .

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Practices and policies toolkit (79)

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Report | | Προσωρινά δεδομένα

The Member State Report of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV) provides an overview of the energy poverty situation in Denmark at a glance. With key indicators, policies and publications, it offers an understanding of the key aspects of energy poverty in Denmark.

Scientific paper | | Προσωρινά δεδομένα

The aim of the research presented in this paper is to understand, evaluate and consequently reveal the experiences of students living in the private-rented sector, quantify their possible exposure to fuel poverty, and to determine the impacts of this exposure on their well-being.

Report | | Προσωρινά δεδομένα

The EPOV’s Member State Reports summarise the key aspects of the energy poverty situation in each EU Member State, based on the key indicators, policies and publications. The indicators used in the reports are based on data collected by EUROSTAT.