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Practices and policies toolkit

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Our practices and policies toolkit highlights a variety of practices that can inspire you to address energy poverty by access research publications and by getting to know more about policies and like-minded organisations active against energy poverty.

Below, you can access a database of policies, publications, and organisations working on energy poverty from across Europe.

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Practices and policies toolkit (129)

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Case | | Directorate-General for Energy

The EPOV case study focuses on the development of the Energy Poverty Observatory in Greece aiming at effective monitoring of the Greek energy poverty situation.

Scientific paper | | Directorate-General for Energy

A methodology that allows the localization of urban areas that are suffering from fuel poverty is developed. Average incomes per household and residential energy consumption for each urban area are analyzed with a Geographical Information System.

Scientific paper | | Directorate-General for Energy

The work suggests that attempts to address energy poverty need to take into account the quality of people’s social relations, as well as the potential impact of policy and practice on social relations...

Scientific paper | | Directorate-General for Energy

This paper aims to uncover the spatialities of gender and energy poverty. It argues that established energy vulnerability frameworks can challenge the assumption that gender inequality is synonymous with energy poverty, but to do so these framings must move beyond a focus upon the household