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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

EPAH report: Energy Poverty Advisory Hub National Indicators: Uncovering New Possibilities for Expanded Knowledge

Diagnosis is a vital component of addressing EP and requires measurement and monitoring of its various dimensions. This report is a revision of the first EPAH (Gouveia et al., 2022) report on energy poverty indicators.


Publication date
3 October 2023
Directorate-General for Energy


EPAH presents a new report focusing on the latest updates and enhancements to our energy poverty national indicators and dashboard in 2023. The revision aims to further develop the knowledge and tools provided by EPAH towards contributing to the improvement of EP measurements across the EU. It reorganises and updates existing indicators, removes redundant ones, and incorporates new (sub)topics and indicators. The update aims to deepen and broaden EP measurement by integrating more EP-related dimensions to equip policymakers, researchers, and practitioners with a toolkit that enables more comprehensive approaches.

Authors: João Pedro Gouveia, Salomé Bessa, Pedro Palma, Katherine Mahoney, Miguel Sequeira.



3 OCTOBER 2023
2nd Indicators Report 2023
(2.22 MB - PDF)