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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub


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Below, you can access a database of publications from across Europe on energy poverty.

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Case | | Генерална дирекция „Енергетика“

Case Studies of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory showcase successfully implemented energy poverty measures in the Member States. They highlight best practices that can be used as models for energy poverty action. This case study focuses on the development of the French National Energy Poverty.

Case | | Directorate-General for Energy

The EPOV case study focuses on the development of the Energy Poverty Observatory in Greece aiming at effective monitoring of the Greek energy poverty situation.


The National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan confirms that the Italian government is committed to strengthening the strategy for fighting energy poverty, adopting an official definition and national indicators on energy poverty, and creating an Italian Energy Poverty Observatory.

Scientific paper | | Directorate-General for Energy

A methodology that allows the localization of urban areas that are suffering from fuel poverty is developed. Average incomes per household and residential energy consumption for each urban area are analyzed with a Geographical Information System.