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Below, you can access a database of publications from across Europe on energy poverty.

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  • Scientific paper
  • Directorate-General for Energy

A framework for policy mix analysis: assessing energy poverty policies

The major contribution of the proposed framework is a clear yet adaptable criterion for instruments interaction analysis. Energy poverty literature is reviewed in the optic of how policy mix can help develop and analyze policies for its erasing, and specific criteria for its instruments analysis.

  • Report
  • Directorate-General for Energy

Energy Poverty and Fire Risk

FEEDS undertook research with associations working in energy poverty to discover that the correlation between the risk of fire and energy poverty seems clearly established, but that the preventive measures are not always well known and even less implemented.

  • Study
  • Directorate-General for Energy

Methodology for defining the energy poor households in Bulgaria

The SHEERenov project develops a proposal for a completely new and functional Methodology for assessing the individual energy needs of households, which is an essential element, an integral part of the proposed Methodology for defining energy-poor households of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

  • General guidelines
  • Directorate-General for Energy

Reporting Guidelines on Energy Poverty

This publication is produced by the Covenant of Mayors Europe in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre and the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub. It provides an overview for signatories of the energy poverty pillar in the CoM Europe framework and the support options that are available to them.