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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

The Observatory at a glance

Energy Poverty Observatory

The EU Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV), the predecessor project of the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub, was a 40-month project that commenced in December 2016. EPOV was established with the aim of fostering transformational change in knowledge about the extent of energy poverty in Europe, and innovative policies and practices to combat it. The creation of an Energy Poverty Observatory was part of the European Commission’s policy efforts to address energy poverty across EU countries.

During its duration, EPOV produced a wide range of publications such as case studies showcasing successfully implemented measures, EU annual reports focusing on the latest state of play and policies in Europe, inclusive energy transition and actions, member state reports providing an overview of the situation per EU member state and finally the indicators methodology guidebook presenting the calculation, interpretation and detailed database of all indicators identified by EPOV .

You can find them all in the practices and policies toolkit.