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Лого на Европейската комисия
Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

Discover the awarded proposals

We are excited to announce the results of the call for technical assistance. 24 proposals representing 35 municipalities across Europe will receive direct support to take local action against energy poverty. Through this collaboration, local governments will receive technical assistance to produce effective local results that can serve as inspirational cases for other local governments aiming to undertake similar processes.

Discover below the awarded applicants and their presentations.

Map of the 35 awarded municipalities
Map of the 35 awarded municipalities

Municipality of Murcia, Murcia Province, Spain

The Spanish municipality Murcia will update its plan against energy and water poverty thanks to the technical support provided by the expert cooperative Aeioluz. They will together organise training activities and a participatory approach to structure the update of the municipal plan.

All their programme on the poster.

Muncipality of Zagreb, Croatia

The municipality of Zagreb will be accompanied by the expert organisation DOOR to finalise the Energy Poverty Mitigation Programme of the city. They will gather data through a questionnaire conducted on a representative sample of citizens in Zagreb to identify key aspects of energy poverty and indicators to support the development of the programme.

All their programme on the poster.

Municipality of Sitges, Catalunya, Spain

Technical assistance will be provided to Sitges municipality to develop a roadmap to tackle energy poverty. The foreseen diagnosis will help to identify energy poverty characteristics in the city and map vulnerable households to participate in energy communities. The results will also help to train municipal staff on how to work on the issue. The municipality will be accompanied by the foundation Ecodes for the next 9 months to carry out the programme.

All their programme on the poster.

Region of Cerdanya, Catalunya, Spain

The region of Cerdanya will receive expert support from the cooperative El Risell to improve the diagnosis of energy poverty in the region. The diagnostic will enable the identification of public facilities suitable for photovoltaic installations in order to develop energy communities. Technical staff and political representatives will also be trained thanks to the results of the diagnosis.

All their programme on the poster.

Municipality of Ampelokipi-Menemeni, Greece

The municipality of Ampelokipi-Menemeni, in collaboration with the Process Equipement Design Laboratory (PEDL) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, will receive direct support to develop the diagnosis of energy poverty. The expert organisation Initialising Energy Balance Towards Zero (INZEB) will provide 9 months of assistance to improve internal capacity of the whole diagnosis process and help municipal staff to develop methodological approach for recording and mapping energy poverty.

All their programme on the poster.

Stay tuned for the detailed results and the presentation of the other successful applicants.

Learn more about the call

The tailor-made assistance will run for up to 9 months and will be made possible due to the strong collaboration between the local government, the EPAH team and an expert organisation selected based on the actions foreseen per proposal.

The other selected applicants are currently working with the EPAH team and the associated expert to finalise the workplan which will guide the technical assistance process (in which phase(s) the municipality is acting) and to identify the final result expected (what kind of components and actions will be developed).

The selected municipalities applied to the EPAH open public call for technical assistance that run between the 1st of February and the 15th of March 2022. Local governments and/or organisations working in strict collaboration with local governments from all the 27 EU Member States were invited to submit a proposal to receive support in the process of tackling energy poverty. A webinar was held in English on 3 February 2022. You can access the recording and the presentation

In 2023 the 2nd call for technical assistance will be launched. To stay updated, check regularly our website, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter.