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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

Call for technical assistance

We are thrilled to announce the much-awaited results of the second call for technical assistance. We are delighted to share that 28 outstanding proposals have been awarded, representing a remarkable 49 municipalities from 12 countries across Europe. These deserving municipalities or supraminicipal authorities are now ready to start receiving direct support to tackle energy poverty at the local level.

This collaboration aims to empower local governments by providing them with the necessary technical assistance to achieve tangible and impactful outcomes. By addressing energy poverty within their communities, these municipalities are paving the way for others to follow suit and embark on similar initiatives.

Here are the awarded municipalities and supra-municipalities:

Cyprus: 1) Strovolos, 2) Kato Pyrgos Tyllirias.

Denmark: 3) Ishøj.

France: 4) Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, 5) Grand Besançon Métropolis, 6) Grand Chambord and Beauce Val de Loire municipalities.

Greece: 7) Eordaia and Grevena municipalities, 8) Drama, Kavala, Nestos and Paggaio municipalities.

Hungary:  9) Bükkszentkereszt, 10) Sátoraljaújhely, 11) Mátraterenye, 12) Hatvan.

Ireland: 13) Slaintecare.

Italy: 14) Arezzo, 15) Leverano.

Portugal: 16) Centro Region, 17) Baixa da Banheira and Vale da Amoreira.

Poland: 18) Niepołomice.

Romania: 19) Tulcea, 20) Alba Iulia.

Spain: 21) Baix Empordà council, 22) Gironès region, 23) La Palma island, 24) Les Garrigues region, 25) Pallars Jussà region, 26) Pamplona, 27) Valencia.

Sweden: 28) Malmö.

To explore the list of awarded applicants from the second call, we have created an interactive map. It showcases the municipalities that have secured technical assistance and in due time will be enriched with more details about the their innovative programmes of action and results.

Don't miss this opportunity to see who are the cities and regions driving positive change in energy poverty across Europe. Check out the interactive map below to discover these awarded proposals.


Discover the various projects of the 23 awarded applicants of the first call

Take inspiration to build your application from the numerous projects awarded by the first call. Explore the variety of activities undertaken by the 34 selected local governments of the first call to understand what expert support you can receive from EPAH to tackle energy poverty. Each awarded local government is currently accompanied by an expert organisation to develop local actions, from diagnosis to planning and implementing targeted solutions.

Map of the 34 awarded municipalities
Map of the 34 awarded municipalities


I want to know more about the open calls for technical assistance

The Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) invited through two open calls local governments and/or organisations working in strict collaboration with local governments from all the 27 EU Member States to submit their requests for technical assistance and receive support in the process of tackling energy poverty.

Applicants were able to submit online their proposal online between February and March of 2022 and between March and April of 2023 through the dedicated platform