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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub
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Webinar: Growing the energy supporters & mentors movement that alleviate energy poverty

In only 4,5 hours, social and affordable housing providers, municipalities, health and social workers, representatives from academia and anyone who wants to be engaged in tackling the phenomenon can join the free course and learn about what being energy-poor actually is, how can we recognise it, and how can we tackle it effectively, leveraging innovative financing schemes and energy communities.
After the online training, which will be held in English, the participants will be called to take a 15-minute test to become certified POWERPOOR Energy Supporter and Mentor. Successful participants will join the growing community of 400+ POWERPOOR certified Energy Supporters and Mentors, working on the ground, enabling change and mitigating energy poverty in their regions.

The POWERPOOR webinars of Energy Supporters and Mentors are crossing new borders and going beyond the eight most impacted by energy poverty EU countries. As of 2022, Housing Europe, ICLEI and the European Crowdfunding Network are mobilising the international community.
The webinar is part of a series of five EU training webinars. The content will be the same on all the webinars and you can join on the following date, but the sooner we start, the more time we have to make a real impact!

  • energy consumption | energy cooperation
  • 2022. február 4., péntek, 11:00 - 16:30 (CET)

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2022. február 4., péntek, 11:00 - 16:30 (CET)
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