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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub
News article15 January 2024Directorate-General for Energy1 min read

Empowering Cities: Unveiling the Impact of Technical Assistance in Combatting Energy Poverty

The city of Zagreb in Croatia, conducted surveys covering 500 households, analysed the data, and proposed subsequent measures for energy efficiency through renewable sources. Meanwhile in Lumiar, Portugal a pilot renewable energy programme was launched featuring 16 solar panels, benefitting 17 community members, by introducing an inclusive and community-centred financial model. These actions were enacted due to the technical assistance offered by the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub in 2022 and 2023. A total of 34 municipalities were guided to develop local actions to tackle energy poverty. What were the results and impact of this collaborative effort? We are excited to present the results of the projects under the framework of the EPAH technical assistance open call.

The objective of the technical assistance call was to develop comprehensive local actions aimed at addressing the pressing challenge of energy poverty in diverse communities. A total of 23 proposals, representing 34 municipalities across Europe, were selected in 2022. Each awarded local government partnered with an expert organisation, jointly responsible for executing actions that range from diagnosis to planning and implementing targeted solutions. Through 9-months of guided support, the initiatives were designed to address energy poverty at its core, with a focus on providing sustainable, accessible, and affordable energy solutions to vulnerable communities.

To disseminate detailed information about each of these initiatives, EPAH has designed a dedicated poster presenting the main results for each project selected through the first call. These posters offer a comprehensive overview of each initiative, providing valuable insights into the energy poverty phase addressed, project duration, main topics, objectives, activities, outcomes, challenges faced, and future steps planned.

Serving as a summary for each initiative, the posters offer a user-friendly entry point to grasp the diverse strategies and accomplishments implemented. Moreover, they represent valuable resources for policymakers, researchers, and communities interested in understanding the multifaceted strategies employed to tackle energy poverty. Dive into the EPAH video to listen to testimonials from the municipalities and to discover more about the first technical assistance call. 

Find out more about each initiative by exploring the newly released posters.


Publication date
15 January 2024
Directorate-General for Energy