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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub
Energy Poverty Advisory Hub visual

Our vision in a nutshell

Our vision is to eradicate energy poverty and accelerate the just energy transition of European local governments. 

To achieve that, we aim to become the central platform of energy poverty expertise in Europe for local authorities and all stakeholders interested in taking action to combat energy poverty in Europe by:

  • engaging local authorities and civil society organisations (city, municipal and regional governments, NGOs and other relevant organisations) across Europe on energy poverty mitigation and understanding of the social aspects related to it. To this end, we are collecting, analysing and disseminating inspirational local cases and research results.
  • creating a collaborative network of stakeholders interested in taking actions against energy poverty in Europe and engage them in a continuous dialogue and exchange through the EPAH platform, through national and international events and workshops and through digital training opportunities.
  • motivating stakeholders to take action against energy poverty at the local level by establishing a support system for local authorities and civil society organisations.