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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

LIFE & Horizon 2020 projects on energy poverty

Under the Horizon 2020 & LIFE programmes, the EC's European Climate, Infrastructure & Environment Executive Agency assists stakeholders to deliver the European Green Deal. The projects below deliver innovative solutions to combat energy poverty. 

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LIFE & Horizon 2020 projects on energy poverty (24)

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ComActivate logo

ComActivate responds to growing levels of energy poverty across the EU, especially in the CEE region, by addressing
the poor energy efficiency of buildings as a major driver of energy poverty, and as a driver of climate change.

Project locations
Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria

JUSTEM works with regional authorities and citizens in five pilot regions to assess energy poverty in coal regions in transition, build regional capacity about energy energy and develop plans to alleviate energy.

Project locations
Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Spain

Improving health, wellbeing and equality by evidenced-based urban policies for tackling energy poverty.

Project locations
United Kingdom, Latvia, Spain, Türkiye, Netherlands, Hungary, North Macedonia
EnergyMeasures Logo

Tailored measures supporting energy vulnerable households.

Project locations
Ireland, France, Germany, North Macedonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands
ComAct Logo. Community Tailored Actions for Energy Poverty Mitigation

Community Tailored Actions for Energy Poverty Mitigation

Project locations
Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Ukraine
enpor logo

Actions to mitigate energy poverty in the private rented sector

Project locations
Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Connecting Obligated Parties to Adopt Innovative Schemes towards Energy Poverty Alleviation

Project locations
Croatia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Spain

Empowering Energy Poor Citizens through Joint Energy Initiatives

Project locations
Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal, Spain

Solutions to Tackle Energy Poverty

Project locations
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, United Kingdom

Addressing local energy poverty through the creation of energy renovation offices

Project locations
Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia

Deep REnovation roadmaps to decrease households VulnERability To Energy poveRty

Project locations
Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Portugal
porto energy hub

Supports public and private entities to develop a bold renovation programme while mainstreaming new financial schemes in the Porto Metropolitan Area north of Portugal’s Douro river

Project locations

The project to support progress toward scale up of deep energy retrofit in the vulnerable district to fight energy poverty.

Project locations
France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands

Building intErventions in vulNerable Districts against Energy poveRty

Project locations
Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Slovenia, Romania

Social Energy Market Players to Tackle Energy Poverty

Project locations
Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Czechia, Spain

Empowering women to take action against energy poverty in the Mediterranean

Project locations
Albania, Croatia, France, Slovenia, Spain, Italy
doppel plus

DoppelPlus therefore relies on easy-to-implement behavioural changes that improves people´s quality of life and enable them to make a contribution to society.

Project locations

PPP financing for energy efficiency investments in social housing

Project locations
Denmark, Italy, Slovenia
Sun4all logo

Eurosolar for all: energy communities for a fair energy transition in Europe

Project locations
Portugal, Spain, France, Italy
Smarterfinance for EU

The project aims to accelerate the roll-out of certified green homes across Europe – including the development and adoption of over €100bn worth of green mortgages, loans and development finance

Project locations
Romania, Ukraine, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Slovakia