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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

Position Paper on Energy Poverty in the European Union


Publication date
11 January 2019
Provisional data


Energy poverty is relevant as an issue in the new policy framework of the Clean Energy Package. It has been still under attention in European Energy Network (EnR) under ENEA’s Presidency (2018) of the network and in continuity with ANRE’s Presidency (2017). An EnR position paper has been therefore delivered, presenting results that lay the foundation for a set of recommendations about priorities, methodology, governance and needs. Following a survey among the EnR members carried out to provide an updated state of the art about definition, measure and data on the energy poverty phenomenon, energy efficiency interventions once more have proven to be key factors in providing a structural response to the complex energy poverty problem, not only alleviating it but acting on its causes. The role that energy agencies can play is significant, both in monitoring the problem and targeting solutions.

Author: European Energy Network.


11 JANUARY 2019
EnR Position Paper on Energy Poverty in the European Union
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