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Cooltorise Policy Brief: How to address Summer Energy Poverty in public policies

The present policy brief was developed in the context of the COOLTORISE project: Raising summer energy poverty awareness to reduce cooling needs.


Publication date
7 August 2023 (Last updated on: 3 November 2023)
Directorate-General for Energy


This brief is structured according to three sections: accuracy and quality improvement in summer energy poverty measurement; impact on wellbeing conditions and urban scale; health impact. Each section is, in turn, composed of a diagnostic subsection followed by its respective recommendation.

Authors: Gayoso Heredia, Marta; San Nicolás Vargas, Patricia; Torrego Gómez, Daniel; Núñez Peiró, Miguel; Gómez Muñoz, Gloria; Román López, Emilia; Avanzini, Marcello; Ferrer Gabarró, Clara; García París, Marta; Kampouridou, Anneta; Kyrkou, Danai; Sánchez-Guevara Sánchez, Carmen, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


Cooltorise Policy Brief