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WELL-BASED published a research briefing on energy poverty and health in households from 5 Hungary, Latvia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom during the winter 2022-2023.

  • Roadmap
  • Directorate-General for Energy

POWERPOOR National Policy roadmaps to alleviate energy poverty

With the development of national roadmaps, POWERPOOR aimed to enable the application of the project's approach to promote integrated energy poverty mitigation policies across all regions and cities within the pilot countries.

  • Scientific paper
  • Directorate-General for Energy

Looking back to look forward: Reflections from networked research on energy poverty

We build on the conceptual, methodological, and policy dimensions of energy poverty research to set up pathways toward a new, interdisciplinary research and policy agenda on energy poverty mitigation better equipped to provide meaningful answers to the challenges posed by the ongoing energy crisis.