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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

How we can support you

The Energy Poverty Advisory Hub supports local authorities to take action against energy poverty by establishing a support system that includes among others a contact helpdesk, educational material as well as open calls for direct technical support.

Learn about energy poverty through courses and educational resources

Understanding, measuring, and monitoring energy poverty is an important step to alleviate it. EPAH has launched two online courses. The courses  enable participants to understand the challenges of energy poverty, get accustomed to the different phases of intervention and finally provide concrete tips and lessons learned inspired by local European initiatives on how to address energy poverty on the ground.

Additional learning resources such as publications and video material will be offered to help local authorities to develop skills and competencies to develop their own concrete actions on the ground.

Get in contact with experts on the ground

Addressing energy poverty is a priority for many local and regional governments across Europe but often face complex challenges, from defining the multidimensionality problem of energy poverty, identifying the consumers most in need, to implementing actions and measuring their impacts. Does your city or municipality want to launch a local action on energy poverty, but you lack resources and/or knowledge on how to go about it? EPAH has launched two open calls in early 2022 and 2023 to support local authorities and municipalities in their efforts against energy poverty. All cities will be welcomed to apply with their own proposal. Selected cities will implement their plan with the guidance of expert organisations in the field and the EPAH team.

Get in touch with us

Do you want to know about the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub and how we can assist you? Get in touch with us by contacting our helpdesk at infoatenergypoverty [dot] eu .