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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

National indicators

Energy poverty is a multi-dimensional concept that is not easily captured by a single indicator.

Indicators are key instruments to measure energy poverty. The data collected by their measurement allows to effectively capture different facets of energy poverty situations, in order to build a comprehensive diagnosis.

This dashboard is an interactive database that enables visitors to navigate through the different energy poverty indicators available for EU countries. Using the new features, visitors can compare data by years and by countries, or obtain all the data available for a single country. This dashboard has been designed to offer the most practical and complete visualisation possible of different quantifiable aspects of energy poverty levels across Europe using the most recent EU-wide statistics. It was launched in 2022 and was updated in October 2023.

The report "Energy Poverty National Indicators: Uncovering New Possibilities for Expanded Knowledge" focuses on the latest updates and enhancements to the energy poverty national indicators and dashboard. The update aims to deepen and broaden EP measurement by integrating more EP-related dimensions to equip policymakers, researchers, and practitioners with a toolkit that enables more comprehensive approaches.

A complete overview of all the indicators available with important information about the sources, technical details and additional insights is presented in the first EPAH report “Energy Poverty National Indicators: Insights for a more effective measuring”.