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Community Energy Network

community energy network

Community Energy Network (CEN) is based in New Zealand and is made up of 18 members throughout the country who are deeply committed to improving the health and resilience of their communities. Its members are all charitable trusts and community/social enterprises that, amongst other programmes provide healthy housing and other energy services. Over the past 15 years, CEN members have insulated more than 110,000 homes, funded primarily through the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme (and previous versions). CEN members have also been very successful in cultivating long-term relationships with community-based third-party funders who have contributed substantial additional funds towards WUNZ, significantly extending the number of homes insulated.

CEN is now leveraging this extensive network and widespread trust in our members to develop a programme that is focused on supporting communities to develop their own renewable energy projects. This support will include the technical design of community-owned generation (and storage), negotiation with utility and retailer organisations, and enterprise organisation/management. 

The key outcomes for CEN are:

  • Improving the lives of vulnerable families through genuine community engagement and reach.
  • Delivering effective energy solutions for warmer homes, job creation and healthier communities.
  • A charitable organisation working for good, not profit - providing services which are transparent and fully accountable to the communities we work with and our funders.