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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

Learning opportunities

Energy poverty is a growing challenge and civil society not only needs to acknowledge the challenge but also take concrete and effective actions to address it.  However, due to the complexity of the phenomena, front-line actors often face a lack the required experience and capacity to tackle it.

Local and regional authorities are in an ideal position to take action against energy poverty (they have a direct dialogue with the citizens and being super-partes with respect to the energy market). EPAH will support local governments, to play an active and significant role in addressing energy poverty by providing training opportunities to increase knowledge and build capacity on energy poverty.

EPAH will run three interactive online courses with the first one starting in January 2022. Each course addresses distinct target groups and requires different levels of commitment.

The EPAH intro course will address all stakeholders with the aim to introduce the problem of energy poverty and its political context. The course will be initially available in English along with subtitled versions in national languages. The course will be available in winter 2022.

The EPAH compact course will address mainly decision-makers with the aim to increase knowledge on the political and strategic frame of energy poverty and provide them with the knowledge and insight to design local policies and plans. The course illustrates the European political frame of energy poverty, the social impact of addressing energy poverty and showcases practical examples of initiatives. The course will be available in English as of spring 2022.

The EPAH extended course will address civil servants, technical staff, and practitioners with the aim of increasing knowledge and capacity on practical aspects of energy poverty mitigation and push local actions. The course will offer practical on-the-ground information, including case studies, best practices, available tools, and resources and will be available in English as of spring 2022.