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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub
Local/regional project

The project aims to reduce energy poverty and improve the living conditions of 981 rural indigenous and mestizo families.

The activities developed with a budget between 100.000 and 1M€ include different training sessions for municipalities, the population, and local and national authorities on energy and gender. An energy access strategy will be developed throughout the department of Yoro. Energía sin Fronteras is the leader of the group made up of Ayuda en Acción and Senergiality.

Main beneficiaries: energy poor consumers

  • Countries impacted:
  • Geographical scale:
    Regional and Local
  • Energy poverty phase:
  • Intervention type:
    Household energy efficiency and refurbishment
    Capacity building and training
  • Type of funding:
    National funds, local funds from AECID and Yoro Municipality
  • SDGs addressed:

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