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  • Report (policy paper, recommendation)

The “Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) Handbooks: A Guide to Understanding and Addressing Energy Poverty” are a series of practical guidebooks for local governments and practitioners which ensure that the social dimensions of energy transition are addressed efficiently.

  • Report (policy paper, recommendation)

This study aims to identify and understand the structural roots of energy poverty, to highlight the gender axis of energy poverty and the lack of gender-disaggregated data at EU and Member State level. 

  • Scientific paper

Dramatic increases in global energy prices in 2022 have sharpened focus on the suffering experienced by people living in energy poverty – a situation where they are unable to afford the energy required to meet their basic needs. In many countries, providing energy advice to householders is part of a

  • Factsheet (Roadmap, guidelines)

In the winter of 2022-23, the WELLBASED surveyed 356 households across 5 nations, about their
experience of energy poverty and their health status. 

  • Report (policy paper, recommendation)

This brief is structured according to three sections: accuracy and quality improvement in summer energy poverty measurement; impact on wellbeing conditions and urban scale; health impact. Each section is, in turn, composed of a diagnostic subsection followed by its respective recommendation.

  • Report (policy paper, recommendation)
Italy fully shares the Community’s approach of strengthening the commitment to decarbonise Europe’s energy and economic systems, and of making Europe the first regional area to have a social, economic and productive dimension with no net emissions.

  • Report (policy paper, recommendation)

The aim of the national roadmaps is to build on current project activities and to enable the application of the POWERPOOR approach to promote integrated energy poverty mitigation policies across all regions and cities within the pilot countries.