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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

ENERJ - Joint Actions for Energy Efficiency

International project

ENERJ focused on the establishment of energy communities as a way to support low income households at the local level.

The project addressed challenges faced by partners in implementing and monitoring EE measures, projects, plans and policies at the local level. Common factors that hinder the effectiveness of EE actions were linked to scarce policy integration, inadequacy of qualified human resources, ineffective financial strategies, untailored measures and incomplete information about EE performance of the public building stock.

With a budget over 1 million euros, the project increased and improved the efficacy of EE measures for public buildings by using innovative collaborative instruments to gather useful data, fostering cooperation among local authorities on wide-scale Joint actions, promoting public-private ventures.

Main outputs were:

  • integrated large-scale joint actions for EE, able to achieve economies of scale, significant impacts on energy consumptions and emissions, catalyse a wider range of investments and leverage structural funds through the ROPs;
  • ENERJ web platform implementation, a geo-database of the EE measures adopted by the municipalities within SEAPs or other local energy plans;
  • enhancement of public and private stakeholders skills and delineation of the joint actions coordinator to assess, define, adopt, implement and monitor EE actions and plans.

The innovative approach of ENERJ lied in working collectively to propose exchange of experience and cooperation on joint projects, with the final aim to improve the operational aspects of the EE policies and programmes implementation in the Mediterranean area.

Some concrete key performance indicators (KPIs) of the project include:

  • Energy audits Implemented: 56
  • Hours of training for local coordinators: 131
  • Population reached through networking: 2500

Main beneficiaries: energy advisors, low income communities.

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