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PadovaFIT - Expanded

International project

PadovaFIT Expanded aimed at creating and piloting a one-stop-shop dedicated to home renovation services in the city of Padova (Italy) and to expand the process to the city of Timisoara (Romania) and to the cities of Smolyan and Vidin (Bulgaria). The concept was based on existing experiences of similar one-stop-shops motivating and supporting homeowners (demand side) as well as stimulating the supply sides, both technically and financially, to invest in energy efficiency. The role of public authorities was key for channeling private finance into energy efficiency investments. 

One‐stop-shop solutions seem to have the highest potential to bring together all players involved in the renovation process, because of their holistic approach. The project was set-up in order to address fragmented demand and fragmented supply. The main reason why homeowners were not investing at that moment ultimately lies in market failure. Demand-supply aggregation combined with attractive financial solutions was the main challenge the one‐stop-shop faced. 

With a budget of over 1 million €, the PadovaFIT Expanded project's main activities were: 

  • identification of the enabling conditions that lead to financially sustainable,  integrated home renovation service schemes, based on public and/or private finance, supporting citizens to target ambitious energy savings, 
  • reduction of the information gap existing in the private residential energy refurbishment sector, increasing the awareness and trust of homeowners and tenants towards existing products, services and players on the market,
  • improvement of standardized technical procedures in order to reduce costs and improve the quality of offer provided by trustful market operators, improvement of financing conditions for energy renovation investment plans offered by the one-stop-shop, 
  • development and implementation of a one-stop-shop providing home renovation integrated services to citizens in four pilot areas in three different countries, 
  • identification of solutions to remove legal, policy framework, financial, technical and organisational barriers limiting the implementation of effective and sustainable integrated home renovation services, 
  • increase of the capacity of public and private energy market stakeholders with a specific focus on integrated home renovation services. 

The project experimented with a new way to link all the steps of the refurbishment journey, giving centrality to the existing local market and preventing the final users from unfair practices. Some concrete key performance indicators (KPIs) of the project include: 

  • Dwellings refurbishment: 250. 
  • Primary energy savings: 1,25 GWh. 
  • Renewable energy production: 1,16 GWh. 
  • Investments mobilized: 4.3 million €. 

Main beneficiaries: energy advisors, the energy poor and national/local authorities. It addressed the topics of: heating and cooling system, communities, indoor comfort (thermal comfort, housing quality), renewable energy, energy audits, energy efficiency, financing schemes and vulnerable consumers.

  • Countries impacted:
  • Geographical scale:
    Regional and Local
  • Energy poverty phase:
  • Intervention type:
    Household energy efficiency and refurbishment
  • Professionals involved:
    Member of a local/national authority
  • Type of funding:
    European funds from the H2020 programme of the European Union_x000D_ and local funds from the Municipality of Padova
  • Website:
    Case website
  • SDGs addressed:

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