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SER - Social Energy Renovations

International project
Social Energy Renovations (SER) project stimulates sustainable renovation in the third sector. SER intends to design, set up, and implement an innovative de-risking financing mechanism that entails financing and technical standardisation, project aggregation, social impact assessment and credit enhancement. Under SER’s financing scheme, an ESCO raises low-cost long-term capital via a financing instrument integrated with a de-risking mechanism. The investment is repaid via long-term service contracts signed between an ESCO and a building owner. As a result of SER, social enterprises gain access to affordable sustainable renovations, coupled with technical assistance, while investors gain access to secure, high impact investments aligned with ESG and impact investment criteria. With a budget of over 1 million€, SER intends to develop an innovative financial model to de-risk the investments in energy efficiency renovations for the non-profit sector. This is achieved through the completion of four measurable sub-objectives: - Standardisation and aggregation of sustainable investments in the non-profit sector, starting with a pilot in Italy. - De-risking by developing innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency renovations. - Design and implementation an actionable impact measurement methodology. - Scaling up nationally in Italy and subsequently replicating the model in France and Bulgaria. Some concrete key performance indicators (KPIs) of the project include: Expected investment: €200 million Expected job creation: 3000. Expected CO2 savings: 893 tons.

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