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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

Social Green Regional Policies towards Greening the Social Housing Sector

International project

The project, with a budget of over 1 million €, was oriented to jointly tackling the topic of housing deprivation and energy efficiency in the scope of social housing sector towards a lower carbon economy. In this context, the overall objective of the project was to improve regional policy instruments targeting the link between social housing sector and fuel poverty with green building interventions considering policy, institutional, financial and technical levels.

Through interregional cooperation, regions identified, shared and transferred innovative methodologies, processes and good practices in developing and implementing greener social housing sector policies, targeting new constructions or retrofitting existing buildings. Study visits, good practices workshop, local stakeholders meetings, among other dissemination events were organised. Within this interregional learning process, the regions involved in the project developed important outputs, namely: self-assessment reports, good practices guides and regional action plans. Following this phase, a second phase started, focused on monitoring the implementation of the action plans developed previously and a final result report has been produced to summarize the achievements.

Some concrete key performance indicators (KPIs) of the project include:

  • Estimated amount of Structural Funds (from Growth & Jobs and/ or ETC) influenced by the project: 150 million €.
  • Number of policy learning events organised: 39 events.
  • Number of people participating in interregional cooperation activities: 42 people.
  • Number of action plans developed: 6.

Main beneficiaries: policy makers.

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