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Energy Poverty Advisory Hub

Energy poverty in Europe: From policy framework to integration in local action plans - Compact EPAH course

The course aims to assist decision-makers of local governments to initiate a local policy or design a plan to tackle it in their municipality or region. However, all different stakeholders interested in addressing energy poverty can follow the course and benefit from its learning material

The course is divided into four modules during which you are going to be introduced to the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub tools, the European policy framework of energy poverty, the social need and benefits of addressing it and finally the Energy Poverty Circular Model for designing and implementing local actions to tackle the phenomenon.

Each module is composed of a set of audio presentations from experts in the field, interviews with practitioners presenting local cases and interactive hands on activities that will help you evaluate your knowledge and share your thoughts at the end of each lesson.

  • Partners:
    Climate Alliance
    NOVA School of Science and Technology of NOVA University of Lisbon (FCT NOVA)
  • Level:
  • Expected commitment:
    4-8 hours
  • Topic:
    Vulnerable consumers (disabled, students, tenants, public housing inhabitants)
    Idea development/ Innovation