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SUITE - Scaling Up Innovation Together for Energy Vulnerability

International project

SUITE was one of the seven projects financed by the European Social Catalyst Fund (ESCF), which aimed to design a strategy to scale up a proven social innovation (the ASSIST model) to reduce Energy Poverty through social operators. Along with the project, five scalability plans were designed, each one adapted to the specific local context.

The scalability models were built on:

  • the existing evidence, obtained by the implementation of the ASSIST project,
  • the conduction of local focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders of the territory to validate and improve the scalability ideas, and
  • further literature and other existing initiatives and best practices.

The project, with a budget between 10.000 and 100.000€, developed the following activities:

  • Analysis of the local context.
  • Design on 5 scalability plans (one for each involved country).
  • Validation of improvement of the scalability plans through conducting interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders.
  • Elaboration of the final plans.
  • Presentation.

Some concrete key performance indicators (KPIs) of the project include:

  • Number of realistic scalability plans: 5 plans developed.
  • Number of interviews per country: 10 interviews conducted.
  • Number of focus groups per country: at least 1 focus group conducted.
  • Number of EU countries responding the survey: 25 representation of EU countries.

Main beneficiaries: energy advisors, frontline workers, national/local authorities and policy makers.

  • Countries impacted:
  • Geographical scale:
    Regional and Local
  • Energy poverty phase:
  • Intervention type:
    Stakeholders' Engagement
    Financial mechanisms
  • Professionals involved:
  • Type of funding:
    European funds from the European Social Catalyst Fund (H2020 programme of the European Union)
  • Website:
    Case website
  • SDGs addressed:

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